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The Aging Couple

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I thought I would write a short note about aging in a relationship. Most often it is the woman in the relationship that approaches me about things that bother her like volume loss in the cheeks or around the mouth, or wrinkles developing around her eyes or on her forehead. Often she will comment that she "wishes she could get her spouse or significant other in for a treatment." That's when I mention that Botox treatments in Men have risen over 30% in the last year. Men want to feel and look as good as their wives. When they see that their partners are looking younger they instinctively feel the need to keep up with them. So for another one of my Feb specials, I am offering a "couples special." Bring in your significant other and you will both get botox for $10/unit with a 30 unit minimum and one of you will get another 10 units FREE! You can't beat this deal. It's better than any botox party and you are getting someone that has over 11 years experience in Plastic Surgery/Aesthetic medicine to give you a free consult and inject you.

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