Got Wrinkles? Botox can help!

Botox can relax the muscles that are causing you to have wrinkles in your forehead, frown lines, and around your eyes. Normally when you animate (smile, laugh, cry, frown) your muscles move and then relax and your skin becomes smooth. As you get older these lines become "static". This means that when you relax your muscles the wrinkles remain. The only way to smooth the wrinkles is to relax the muscles by injecting botox or other neuromodulators (ie. xeomin, dysport) into the area. All botox type products last approximately 3-4 months but if repeated frequently they have long lasting effects because they make the muscle get smaller and thinner over time. This is called muscle atrophy. If you have ever broken your arm or leg and have had a cast on for a length of time and then had the cast taken off, you have seen that the muscle was smaller. This was because you were unable to use that muscle while the cast was in place. The same principle applies to the muscles of your face when you cannot use them as fully. This does not mean that you cannot animate normally when botox is used. You still can do all the same facial functions as before but just not as strongly.

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