Budgeting for dermal filler

What should the average cost of dermal fillers be? There can be a wide variation in the cost per syringe of dermal filler. This can change depending on geographic location and the type of filler you are looking to have injected. On the west coast for instance, the cost of filler is less expensive than on the east coast. Here in Montana the cost of filler is less expensive than in urban areas. But in general, if you go to an expert injector you can expect to pay slightly higher prices because you will be getting a superior result. Typically you should expect to pay between $800-900 for a syringe of Voluma XC and most people will require at least one syringe per cheek area. You should budget for $500-600 per syringe of Juvederm. The lips require one syringe where as the lower face typically requires two syringes. Lower lids require one syringe of Belotero or Restylane and this typically costs $500-550. For Botox, if you are looking to have your crows feet and your glabella and forehead treated, you can plan to spend an average for $500-600 to achieve the best outcomes and have the longest lasting results. In general, a good plastic surgery PA-C, NP or plastic surgeon or dermatologist will develop a treatment plan for you that is ongoing and help you create a budget that will allow you to be prepared for future treatments. That is what I do for all my patients and they love it!


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