Getting to Know Your Injector and Their Credentials

When having facial injections or any facial procedure such as lesion removal or laser resurfacing, it is important not only to know what your providers credentials are, but also to know how long they have been doing those procedures. When I go to plastic surgery conferences, we often discuss that as the newest techniques come out the higher the complication rates. That makes sense. Until a procedure has been done many times by a provider there is a higher likelihood of complication. I have to say lip enhancement is one of the most difficult procedures that I do. Each person has a different lip anatomy and each person wants something different. Additionally there is a certain anatomical portion that must be followed to make it look natural but people in Hollywood have tried to change that. The upper lip should NOT be fuller than the lower lip. Another misconception is "apple cheeks" as they are known. These are typically a thing of the late 2000s. Cheeks should have lateral volume and make you look youthful

and lifted. Not like you have two huge balls when you smile. These are all the things I consider when doing a facial assessment on a patient. The goal is to enhance someone's natural beauty and to make them look more youthful. What I tell patients is that friends and family should think you look great and rested but not be able to pinpoint what you've actually had done. Everyone has a different "aesthetic eye" as we call it in the industry. It takes someone very devoted to looking at peoples faces and symmetry and loving what they do. So just make sure that if you decide to proceed with a liquid face lift or even botox that you get to know your provider and how much experience and knowledge they have about the products they use and what can be done with them.

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