Winter is the time for laser resurfacing

Winter is the best time for laser resurfacing because you can keep your skin out of direct sunlight. The goal of laser resurfacing is to change the texture of the skin using heat and coagulation and to rebuild collagen and skin elasticity. Sciton laser resurfacing also helps with fine lines around the mouth and eyes and leaves the skin a little tighter. Laser resurfacing also allows us to remove damaged cells that cause lesions known as seborrheic keratosis or actinic keratosis. The latter lesion can be pre-cancerous. The newly treated skin while healing acts like baby skin and is more sensitive to the sun. To avoid "rebound hyperpigmentation" (essentially more dark spots), then it is imperative that we stay out of direct sunlight and sometimes use a skin lightener while healing along with sunscreen. For people who don't do winter sports then this can be done starting now until May. For people that ski, now is the optimal time to do laser and then again in late March/April after ski season is winding down.

picture courtesy of sciton lasers

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